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The 3rd and final part top the Rock n Road Trilogy and its been a journey, we just want to thank everybody who has supported us since we started out with this and we hope you enjoy the record! Recorded at legendary Only 50-100 of these are to be pressed. Comes Signed. Recorded at Rockfield Studios & Abbey Road studios
Track list:
1. Take Take Take
2. City The Gold
3. One For The Road
4. My Life
5. Losing My Grip
6. They Don't Know Me
7. James' Tune
8. Victim's and the Victor's
9. Swinging bombs
10. I'm a rockstar 
11. Too late
12. Elevator
13. Nation of ravers 
14. Thousand dreams

Rock n Road 1,2 & 3 - CD (Signed)

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